Web 2.0 technology

In Web development Web 2.0 technology is the next generation technology this technology is very flexible and simple. Now time most of the web designer are getting fan of this technology because it visually attract and captivate the visitors. If any designer or a site owner wants to make a website that have a right texture background, absolute use of effects, Badges, gradients and other amazing tools which can give your site a life or a real look, I know it sounds like dream but this dream can be complete by using web 2.0 technology you can design your website.

A website developed in web 2.0 helps the user to interact with each other with a effective medium. The examples for web2.0 include Social networking site which is very popular, blogs, site sharing, video streaming, etc.


Main benefit of this technology is that various technologies can be used in web 2.0 development such as XML, JavaScript, Ajax it generally carry data in xml format and JASON format and Query. And by these technologies help any webpage will work in same in desktop application.


Advantage of web 2.0


  • Free flow of information: the website have a amazing flow of information and also having dynamic content. Instead of getting knowledge, tips, information from single authority, user can get the information, knowledge from big list of Participants. With the help of web 2.0 internets is now a place of virtual freedom and digital freedom.


  • Metadata is the another advantage of Web 2.0, metadata mean a form of structured information and web 2.0 adds a lots of scope of using it.


  • Scalability is also a advantage of web 2.0 through this a website can handle the a number of hits in it and simultaneously it can hold that increments.


  • Collective intelligence and rich user interface are also the advantage of the web  2.0 technology.




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